My Giveaway Policies are my giveaway rules:

  • You don’t have to buy anything.
  • You have to be 18 years old or older.
  • Since international sweepstakes (giveaway) laws vary, I have to limit mine to U.S. residents.
  • Each giveaway will be open for different time periods, but will always end at 11:59 pm of the last day stated in the giveaway post.
  • Winners are chosen using that nifty random number generator at
  • Your chance of winning depends on the total number of entrants.
  • Please only enter once.  I know sometimes your comment will not show up immediately, and you might think it didn’t ‘take’ so you enter it again,(it’s happened to me).  To be fair, I’ll take the first occurrence and delete the multiple entries.
  • Valid entry consists of responding in the comment portion of the giveaway blogpost. No ‘jumping through hoops” , ‘liking’ anything, ‘hopping’ to another website, etc. Just leave me a comment  and include some way for me to contact you
  • If you win, you’ll have 48 hours to respond after I notify you. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll do the drawing again and pick a new winner.
  • I assume, since you’re entering, that you agree to these rules and that you’ll provide a way for me to contact you. After all, if I can’t contact you, how will you know you won?  You also agree to let me post your name in a winner’s blog post.  I will never publish your email address, or your physical address.
  • I always use the USPS, so I need a valid address, and I never charge the winners for postage.  Once the package leaves my hands I am no longer responsible if it gets lost, damaged or stolen.
  • It might take a while for me to get the prize packaged and mailed so please allow 10-12 days for delivery.
  • “Legaleeze”....I offer this sweepstakes/giveaway in good faith,  and therefore shall not be held responsible for any and all errors which may occur during the conduct of the sweepstakes/giveaway, including but not limited to technical failures which may or may not effect the entry process; technical or other errors which delay or prevent communication with winners in a timely manner; typographical or other errors; or any other human error which may effect the outcome winner selection.  In other words...if my computer crashes, or your computer crashes, my internet goes down, or you internet goes down, or if blogger accidently deletes my blog  (gulp....... ), or somehow our emails don’t get to each’s not my fault.
  • More legal talk.... A Touch of Heaven shall be held harmless in the event that the prize or the sweepstakes in some way negatively impacts the winner and/or entrants.
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