Friday, November 11, 2005

NYS Far West Regional - Soccer - YEAH !!!!

My son's high school soccer team is competeing for the NYS Far West Regional soccer championship - the first soccer team from our school to make it this far. Great job boys ! Anyone in the Rochester, NY area Nov.12, Robert's Weslyan College - stop bye and watch a great group of young men make us proud. We hear alot these days about how young people are aimless and have no direction. It's great to see a group of young people be dedicated to something that requires their time, energy and intelligence. (They have to maintain a certain academic standing to participate). These boys practice everyday after school. They begin practices in the month previous to the start of school. They play in a variety of weather conditions - no snow so far this year but in the past we have shivered on the sidelines and kicked the snow away from our feet. Congratulations to their coach and all the players. Whether you play in the playoff games or not, you are a team and you all did your part to get the team this far. GO TO BLUE !!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My web store

Looking for unique, one-of-a-kind, hand crafted jewelry? Go to my store and take a look at my designs. I will gladly design pieces to your specifications. Do you need several pieces of the same design? (Bridesmaids, sports teams, etc?) I'll work with you to create a custom designed piece.

Monday, October 31, 2005

My latest project

Well, it's still soccer season. My son's high school varsity team has won the first game of the playoffs. Yeah !
My latest project is working on the decorations for the dinner theatre that our music department has every year as a fund raiser. This year they will be presenting Calamity Jane. My commitee is in charge of decorating the school cafeteria. We are going with the obvious Western / Cowboy theme. Here's what we have so far in the works - maybe you have suggeations or maybe these will work for you someday. We're using hula hoops, muslin, cardboard and wagon wheels to transform an 8' standard banquet table into a conostoga wagon. Of cousre there will be many bales of hay cowboy boots and hats, saddles and such. We are making pierced tin 'lanterns' for the tables by punching holes in large cans and placing them over battery operated candles (no flames in the school!) We are also attemping to make lamp posts out of discarded carpet tubes. This is where we're having a little dificulty - we still need to use battery operated lights but since these will be the main source of lghting they needed to be more powerful than the table lanterns. We're still trying to find a lightweight, large object to use as a globe for each one. Any suggestions? Oh, did I mention we've already spend the budject on our table coverings, placemats and napkins. (Fundraisers rarely have a big enough budget) We're using standard white plastic table coverings, bandana style paper pacemats, white paper napkins tied with twine and the center lanterns will be set on bandanas in the center of each table.
There is a very obtrusive lighted drink machine that can't be moved or unplugged, so that will be transformed into an outhouse. Our dinner musciians will perform on a plywood covered stage of hay bales. A large opening will be covered to look like a jail and we hope to have wanted posters on the walls.
Any other CHEAP suggestions will be appreciated. Email me at
The show is on Nov 18,19 so no time to waste !!
Have a great day! Pray for each other and greet each other in brotherly love!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Soccer season - yeah !

I'm having lots of fun and learning alot about links and reciprocal links for my website. Thanks to a couple of very knowledgable and helpful folks from the Made in NY Craft directory.

School has started and that means -- Soccer season has started ! Yeah! This is our son's last year of high school soccer. We sure will miss it and I know he will too. He loves it. Hopefully he will be able to play in college. Grades first, mister !

Prayers for all the Katrina victims.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Hello ! I'm glad you stopped by to read this. I have many things to thank God for today and everyday - my family, my church, friends and assurance that God knows what's best for me in every situation.
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