Friday, November 11, 2005

NYS Far West Regional - Soccer - YEAH !!!!

My son's high school soccer team is competeing for the NYS Far West Regional soccer championship - the first soccer team from our school to make it this far. Great job boys ! Anyone in the Rochester, NY area Nov.12, Robert's Weslyan College - stop bye and watch a great group of young men make us proud. We hear alot these days about how young people are aimless and have no direction. It's great to see a group of young people be dedicated to something that requires their time, energy and intelligence. (They have to maintain a certain academic standing to participate). These boys practice everyday after school. They begin practices in the month previous to the start of school. They play in a variety of weather conditions - no snow so far this year but in the past we have shivered on the sidelines and kicked the snow away from our feet. Congratulations to their coach and all the players. Whether you play in the playoff games or not, you are a team and you all did your part to get the team this far. GO TO BLUE !!!
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