Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cats and Mice

Or specifically, our cat and a mole.  Aren't cats supposed to catch these things? Apparently our cat didn't get the memo.  As Monk would say...'Here's what happened....; (btw, I love Monk!)........
I was up very early checking on an ebay auction, which I lost by 79 cents(!!!!) because I had fallen asleep, when I heard this high pitched squealing, screaching sound. At first I thought it must be a bush scraping against a window since the wind was picking up again.  A few minutes later I heard it again only this time I was able to tell it was coming from inside the house.  I started to look around and noticed something in the kitchen doorway on the floor, like a little muddy dribble.  I grabbed a paper towel and was able to discern that it was fresh. I don't think I need to tell you what was. Then I saw our cat crouched in front of the piano. As she reached underneath it I again heard the disturbing noice.  No denying it now, she had something cornered!!! Yeah!!!!!  Not!!!!  After a few minutes of stalking and running from one end of the piano to the other, she backed off. She moved across the room, still in a crouched position so I thought "She's gonna give it some room and then when it makes a break for it,she'll pounce" 
Ok , I was partly right, that was her intent, I'm sure.  Here's the reality.  The creature, (I still don't know exactly what  it is at this point in the saga)  the creature does just what the cat/I expected it to do , and then......our worthless excuse of a cat, runs up to it and stops.....a foot away from it.  She stays at that distance as she FOLLOWS it around the corner, into the kitchen, across the front of the cupboards, and under the stove, where she crouches again. I think  "Maybe she'll get it now".  NOPE. I notice her attention shifting to behind the garbage can, and sure enough, there it goes, along the baseboard, under the laundry room door to freedom. Now I can see that it is a mole, not a mouse. Moles don't have very good eyesight and don't move very fast, so I'm thinking it probably didn't even know it was being followed by the two of us. Our worthless excuse of a mousecatcher had plenty of opportunity to do the job she was created for.  (I know what you're thinking, if I was following the mole too why didn't I just get it?  Because it's not my job, that's why!  It's her job!) Now I can't sleep because I know there's an intruder in our house and it's freaking me out.  Since that time our cat has made countless trips through her cat door to the laundry room. Obviously just from curiosity 'cause it's apparent she's not going to do anything about it.  Worthless!!!!!!

Except she's really cute and soft and snuggly!

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  1. This made me laugh!! i read parts of it outloud to whoever was in the room and we all got a good chuckle. Unfortunate for you....funny for us!! :-) love you mom. hope the mole issue has resloved itself now!


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