Sunday, March 06, 2011

Just Do It !

The more I read stories about the Amish, the more I realize how much we all could learn from their simplistic lifestyle .  I'm not saying we should all cut the electric to our homes, or sell our cars and buy buggies (although with the price of gas these days, that option is looking more attractive every day.....NOT!)
So, while I might not feel led to adopt many,  OK lets be honest, most, of their lifestyle choices, their concept of faith and reliance on God and His perfect wisdom is something so simplistic, I wonder why I struggle with trusting God as much as I do.  One of my favorite authors of Amish fiction, Kelly Long, recently lost a loved one.  She received some beautiful words of wisdom from an old Amish gentlemen.  After telling him about her struggle with her feelings of loss he asked her if she had hope. She answered that she did, and his reply sums up their belief in the simple manner in which they live their lives.  He said.."Then, have it!"  Or , in words we are all familiar with, Just do it!.
Go read Kelly's post, You won't be sorry.  It's something I hope never to forget.

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  1. Good reminder! One I have to remind myself on a daily basis too, given my penchant for worrying.


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