Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Great book giveaway!!!

This is a great giveaway for 4, count 'em,  4  Beth Wiseman books. I've read several Beth Wiseman books and have loved every one of them.  If you're not a fan of Amish fiction, I challange you to give it a try.  There is a bunch of difference between authors....some are very sweet and what some may call 'white washed' but always soul and spirit soothing.....and there are some who are more realistic and down to earth.  After you've read a few, you'll zero in on a few favorties.  Beth Wiseman is one of mine.  To get back to the giveaway.....you just go to this blog and follow the directions, make sure to leave your email in each entry.   I hope you win.....well, sort of....I really hope I win, 'cause I entered too, but I 'sort-of' hope you win!  haha.

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