Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What I've been up to.....

Between visiting family and babysitting my newest grandbaby, there hasn't been much time for alot of other activities. I have, however, squeezed in a little sewing.  This is what I've been doing:

Can you tell what I used to make this fancy baby bonnet?  I bought 3 matching ladies hankerchiefs from the local dollar store. They come in pairs but are packaged with two different ones in each package so I had to buy 3 packages. That just means I have three more to make another one!  I lined it with plain white cotton.  The brim is a wide piece of eyelet lace.( I had just enough) A little elastic in the back and pretty white ribbon for ties and voila!  (It's hard to see but there is also a tiny bit of pink trim inserted where the brim meets the crown,)

I was on a roll so I decided to make this too!

Isn't this cute!? Pink camo for a future tom-boy and polka dots and ruffles for a little lady.  As usual, I started with a pattern but had to make some adjustment for size and, well, just because I like to change things a bit.  I have 4 more I'm working on, each one a little different.  One will be hot pink leopard print with a coordinating floral brim, another is hunting camo with matching color stripes.  I try to use coordinating fabrics but not 'match-ey, match-ey'.  The last one will be a small floral print combined with a larger floral in coordinating colors.

I have a few more sewing projects that I need to get busy on also: decorative pillow cases, curtains, and some maternity tops for my daughter.

I also will be posting a couple of book reviews in the near future.  But right now, I think I'll just enjoy watching my new grand-daughter sleeping peacefully in her swing.

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  1. Hmm.... that little pink camo bonnet looks PERFECT for someone who is about to have a baby girl and whose husband is in the Army.... wonder who THAT could be. LOL :-) I love you, mom, and I think those bonnets are completely adorable. Are they going in your shop?


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