Saturday, November 07, 2009

Just ask

I had some "free" time at CrossRoads last night so here are some pictures...

the outdoor decorations my husband (recovering from a BAD cold)  so selflessly helped me set up:

the GIANT burning log...yes, there really is a log there.....

it's like a big, wood chimney...really impressive to watch

My shop all decked out....

New hats....

Hats are also available at

CrossRoads is open every Sat. until the Sat. before Christmas.  Come and see me!  Right now
I'm running a special for November on floral arrangements including Christmas wreaths!
If you come see me and say " I read your blog", I'll add an additional 10% off the November special !

Now for a more serious topic:

Please pray for all the family and friends affected by the recent tragedy at Fort Hood. Our family is thanking God that our daughter was not on post that day.  Last year, at this time, she would have been. This year, she was nearby at a local school, shook up, but safe. Ironically, our son-in-law was 'safe' in Iraq rather than on post where he undoubtably would have been had he been home.  God ways are curious and mysterious and sometimes we don't understand why things happen as they do.  I don't believe God ever does a bad thing, I believe He allows bad things to happen.  He isn't a puppet master, pulling strings and controlling every thing.  Would we really want that?  Would we really want a God that gives us no opportunity to make our own choices? But thankfully, if we ask Him, He will help guide us to make the right choices, He will forgive us when we make the wrong ones, and He will turn our bad choices into good results, if we ask.   Just ask.


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