Saturday, January 09, 2010

My baby!

My baby turned 22 today.  Naturally, he'll hate me calling him that, but none the less, he's my baby.  I remember very clearly the day he was born.  We had called our dear friends to come stay with our 4 older daughters. The drive to the hospital took about 15 minutes. 45 minutes after we left the house, he arrived !  My apologies to all you girls who were not as fortunate as me.  I remember my husband yelling "Open your eyes, see what we got!"  In my mind, I was thinking, "I know what we got, another girl."  The odds were slanted that way.  When I had finally collected myself enough to open my eyes, There he was!  My daughters were thrilled to finally have a brother even though I had tried to prepare them for another sister..."You don't want a brother, he'll just pull the heads off your Barbie dolls!"  Oops!  Thankfully, most of the Barbie dolls survived.  So today we had the traditional cheesecake birthday cake (he doesn't like cake so he hasn't had one since he was about 10, a Ninja Turtle cake).  Sadly, his sisters are all living on their own now so there was no big ta-do.  Tomorrow he and his Dad are traveling to a big Cabela's store for his birthday.  So Dad and son are getting a "gift".  Here's my question - what does the Mom get?  Why don't mom's get presents on their kids birthdays? After all, what did the kid do? The mom does ALL the work!  I think mom's should get gifts too.  Oh wait, I did...... I got him.  Thank you God for my precious gift!!!!!!!  (although a bottle of Ici perfume would be nice too.  Just saying.)           Happy Birthday Bud!!

Did I mention my baby is engaged? 


  1. this made me cry!!! i do remember being thrilled about Robbie, and dressing him in dresses until he was old enough to beat me up. :-) He is still one of the best, most gentlemenly boys i know. Thanks for the post, mama. I love my bro.

  2. Aw, mom - This made me and Tim laugh and I cried a little bit too. I'm sure there are pictures of "Bonnie" somewhere. He is the best younger brother I could ask for, and that is largely due to the way you and Daddy raised him. Except for the Barbie head thing... I love Bud too!!!


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