Saturday, June 04, 2011

What I've been up to lately

The weather has been sooooo nice here lately.  Cool, sunny, breezy........perfect!  So I have been busy outside, cutting down weeds, and with the help of my son and husband, cutting down shrubs and planting new ones.  I have also tried my hand at 'garden decor'.  Unfortunately, all the activity, digging, raking and trampling, has done a number on the ground cover in that area but it's hardy and will come back. It just looks a little bare for right now.  The area is directly in front of our front porch.  I thought I'd share some pics of what it was before and what it is now. SO, here goes.......
This is a few years ago when all three bushes were still alive.  Shortly after this the outer two bushes died and had to be removed.  That left one lonely bush in the center.  You can also see the green and white ground cover in the center.  That has since spread to cover the entire area, or , at least it had...AND WILL AGAIN ! 

Here's a more recent picture taken at Christmas time, that shows the one lonely bush. Add about a foot to the height and you will appreciate how it overpowered the area.  My husband liked it because in nice weather he could sit on the porch and work without distractions.  I didn't like it because it just looked weird!

So.... this is what I did (with some help)......

See the new, cute little shrubs? They are a dwarf variety and hopefully we won't have the 'takeover' problem we had before.  Now here is where you have to use your imagination and 'look' into the future...See that trellis?  That will eventually be covered with morning glories, and the ground cover will blanket the area with pretty green and white foliage.
The stairs are the next project on the agenda.  I'll be replacing the handrails and then giving them a good coat of paint.

See those little green and white leavesin the lower left corner?  That's the surviving ground cover that will eventually carpet the area again.

That's what I've been up to.  Not much time for reading so there are no book reviews to post.

I AM putting together a giveaway that will include a bunch of stuff, including a book, jewelry, and whatever else I decide to throw in.  Keep checking back for it!!

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  1. Mom, I am super impressed. This looks great! I hope I get to come up and see it in person before the snow flies again! I miss you and daddy lots and love you both, and I'm proud of you! :-)

  2. I am a new follower, I found you from Jackis blog, we both have the Christian blog awards!

    I like what you did to the yard, it looks so much better, and the nice touches you did with tables and pottery are so cute.

    Nice to meet you, I am Joyce btw!

  3. Sounds like you have been busy, everything looks good, thanks for sharing.


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