Sunday, June 02, 2013

What I'm working on.....

First of all, there have been some changes around here.  My husband is now semi-retired, so instead of his usual 60-80 hour weeks, he's 'cut back' to around 40.  This not only means he's here a little more during the day, our finances have, let's just say,  cut back also.  The other main thing that's changed , as a result of trying to cut back expenses, is for the first time in 35 years, we are trying to survive without cable TV.  I's pathetic, but the withdrawal period is really strange and not at all pleasant.  No more Fox and Friends in the morning, unless its on-line, and then they break for commercials and I'm left staring at a blank screen for 4 minutes!
Update 6-5-2013:  Apparently, Time Warner, in their infinite wisdom doesn't let you watch Fox News via the internet without a cable subscription...What????  If I had cable I wouldn't need to watch it online!!!  Reaffirms my decision to dump them.  If so many things weren't tied to our email address, I would probably dump that too. Maybe God's trying to tell me I spend too much time on my computer ! ?
No more NCIS, nope Netflix and Hulu plus don't carry it, so that's an on-line thing too.  We're gonna miss those all day marathons.  No more Yankees!!  No more Hallmark movies  !!!  Oh man, maybe we should have thought this through a  little more, cut something else instead.  Who really needs hot water and a gas range anyway?? Ok, time to calm down and be rational.

 I've got to say a word about Netflix.  (No, I have not received any compensation from them) If we can't have cable then this is the next best thing.  It is really nice to not have commercials interrupting the flow of a show.  And, we can watch something as often and as many times as we want.  The first show we watched, practically non-stop was Alias,  then we moved on to The Murdoch Mysteries, then Monarch of the Glen.  We also watch ALOT of Veggie Tales, Super Why, and well, you get the drift.  I blogged about Veggie Tales here. They're not just for kids,  really!  A word of warning,  there are many shows and movies on Netflix, that some folks, including me, find inappropriate.  You really have to be selective. They allow you to set your preferences by rating but we found that by doing that you don't see the choices of the oldies that are categorized as non-rated, like The Penny Serenade (one of my favorites)  and White Christmas, just to name a couple. We get ours through our Roku player (also, not compensated), one of the best investments we've made.

This lack of cable will, however, open up more time for me to do the things that I should have been doing instead of sitting zombie-like in front of the TV.  Things like reading books for book reviews,  sewing, crocheting, cleaning...wait....did I just say that?

Anyway, while I work on my book reviews, I'll also be working on a post with various bloggers highlighting some of their posts that have either touched my heart, made me think, made me laugh or made me hungry! I'm excited about it !

I'm still trying to figure out a way to separate my book reviews from my other posts, so be patient.  I'm a little slow at figuring these things out,  and lets face it,  I want it to be easy!

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Oh well, the clock is ticking away, time for me to get busy, since I don't have cable to watch anymore!!

I have not asked for or been compensated from any of the companies mentioned in this post.

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  1. We cut out cable a few months ago and I haven't missed it at all thanks to Netflix and being able to watch new shows online the day after.


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