Monday, April 11, 2011

Hands up ???

This week at church during our worship/song time, we sang a song that says "....with trembling hands lifted glorified."  Since we sit in the front of the church, I couldn't turn around to see if there were indeed lifted hands, without being totally obvious.  Instead I just kind of looked out of the corner of my hands within my sight area, including mine.  Now, I was raised in a northern Baptist church and am still a member of a northern Baptist church.  We northern Baptists have always been a rather reserved bunch. We've come a little late to the clapping and raising of hands party, although we've always believed a good loud "Amen!" to be appropriate.  Some of us 'old fogies' may never feel completely comfortable with  demonstrative praise ourselves, but that doesn't mean we don't wish we did.  As for me, I've always been physically reserved.  I was a cheerleader in high school (back when cheering was really cheering....).  I made the JV squad but I like to believe the reason I didn't make the varsity was because I was just too reserved. Of course it could also have been that I wasn't particularly athletic. God didn't give me the "let loose" gift.  That's not to say I am unaffected by emotional situations.  Just ask anyone who has had the experience of sitting in the area around me during one of my kid's school performances.  It's a wonder they could hear anything amid all the sniffing and sobbing!
So, the next time you feel like throwing your hands in the air during a worship song, or clapping, go ahead....DO IT!    I most likely won't but,  in my mind, my hands are up!


  1. i love you, my mama. :) Your heart is lifted up, that's all that matters!

  2. Must be having all those "hands up" daughters has rubbed off on you! :-) Just kidding, mom! I forgot you were a cheerleader once upon a time! I love you and your reserved worship style. And I can vouch for the bawling concert stuff - and Hallmark Movies. :) Love you!!!

  3. I lift my heart and hands to the one and only "Savior". Thanks for the reminder that they should be trembling and that it is the attitude of the heart and not the outward appearance that God is looking at.


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