Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sneak peek !

I'm giving my readers a sneak peek at some vintage items that I'll be listing in my Etsy store soon.  You will be able to find them in the vintage section. 

First.....a set of four hand embroidered finger-tip towels.  The picture quality is bad,  sorry,  I'll take a better one , I promise!

Next some Avon Christmas collector plates:

And some Corning / Corelle collector plates:

And lastly, this little gem,  isn't he cute!!!

That's all for now, but hopefully in the next few months I'll be adding lots more vintage items and lots of jewelry. 

If you're interested in anything I've just shown you leave a comment with your email, (like this.......  myemail (at) email (dot) com......  to guard against spammers getting your email address) ,  and I'll give you a pre-posting price.

1 comment:

  1. cute!! at first i thought the little guy was holding a roll of toilet paper....ha! then i realized! he is cute! :)


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