Friday, April 01, 2011

Our southern adventure

We recently traveled down south to visit our oldest daughter.  As we left our northern home, we anticipated warmer weather. Guess what?  The farther south we traveled the more snow we saw!
This is what we saw as we traveled through West Virginia.  Finally, around North Carolina, the snow disappeared. North Carolina! 

Finally, we started seeing this:

and lots of this:


We surprised our oldest daughter by bringing her younger sister along!

We also saw lots of this:

and these
Thankfully, none of these:

or these:
But lots of this....

While we were down there we took a trip to see Fort Pulaski ....

and Tybee Island...
See that guy on the left?  He's surfing!

It was a little chilly and windy but still lots of fun!

My girls picked some strawberries and then our daughter made us some delicious strawberry shortcake - yum!

That was day 1.  On day 2 we helped our daughter paint her living room and dining room.  We were exhasted when we finished but it looks really good. Time well spent!

The visit was way too short and before long we were headed north again.  Guess what we saw?????

More  snow!!!  Obviously Virginia and West Virginia didn't get the memo about it being Spring!
As we got closer to home we started seeing beautiful blue skies and NO SNOW....

Back to the familiar..

We had a great time and wished it could have been longer!  This was our 3rd road trip to the south.  This time I started keeping a log of where the best price on gas was, what hotels were a better value, etc...  Next trip we'll know to avoid the hotel whose continental breakfast is a mini version of a real continental breakfast.  I mean mini!  The muffins were 1.5 inches across and the danish were a whopping 2 inches.  And besides coffee and juice, that's all there was....not even a spoon to stir the coffee!  However, if we hadn't stayed there we wouldn't have had the happy fortune of meeting folks from home!  They were headed south as we were headed north.  They told us they were from about 30 minutes away from our home.  What fun!


  1. So glad you got to come! :-) And thanks for bringing B. to surprise me! :-) And for all your hard work! I'll post pictures later today, after I mow my jungle lawn. I love you!

  2. i LOVED this post! my favorite one yet! i love how chronicled your trip. So glad B got to surprise L. I love my family!


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