Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Harvest of Grace Book Review

The Harvest of Grace by Cindy Woodsmall, is the third book of the Ada’s House series.  I had read the first two quite a while ago but had forgotten the characters and plots.  Fortunately, Woodsmall introduces this book with a ‘the story so far’ prelude which refreshed my memory.  While the characters from the first two books are involved in this one, the story line revolves around a lesser character from a previous book, Aaron, and a new character, Sylvia.

Sylvia, the oldest of 8 daughters, loves farming. Her father has let her work the farm but when it comes to decisions, he leaves her out of the process. She falls in love with a young Amish man but when he asks to marry her, she hesitates because she has overheard her father discussing his plans to turn the farm over to him after he and Sylvia marry. Because of her indecision, he ends up marring someone else, her sister. A few years later she has an incident with him that shames her, so she asks to leave the family farm. While her father knows nothing of the shameful incident that occurred, he agrees to allow her to work for an older couple, the Blanks, whose daughter has died a year ago and whose son is off at rehab for drinking. She becomes like a daughter to them and is slowly making their farm profitable.  However, when the son, Aaron comes home, all that changes. He has come home to try to convince his father to sell the farm. Sylvia and Aaron end up having to work together and they soon find themselves attracted to each other. They each have different goals for the farm. She hopes to make it profitable so the Blanks can continue to live there. Aaron, on the other hand, wants to make it just profitable enough to pay off the debts and sell it.  While Aaron continues to fight his addiction and the contentious relationship with his father, he and Sylvia find forgiveness, acceptance and love.

There a several sub-plots based on characters from the previous two books in the series which add another layer of intrigue and emotion.  This third book brings all the characters and stories from all three books to a pleasing and satisfying concusion.  It is a wonderful, uplifting book, a loving portrayal of Old Order Amish life.

The author provides an added bonus with a list of characters and a glossary.
To read the first chapter click on the link below:
The Harvest of Grace by Cindy Woodsmall (ch. 1 excerpt)

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