Monday, September 26, 2011

Thanksgiving roundup

Pretty soon, everyone around here will start putting up their decorations for Halloween.  I'm always amazed on how elaborate some of them are.  I've noticed some homes, with their overabundance of orange and black lights, blow-up monsters, and other scarey, evil looking creatures, leave them up FOREVER.  (Don't get me started!) Now, I will admit, when our children were little, we also decorated , usually a day or two before the official trick or treat night.  At that time, there were no orange and black lights. We usually hung some of that fake cobweb stuff with spiders and bats and for a few years we had a door mat that spewed screams and weird noises when you stepped on it.  Usually, the decos came down with in the week (unlike my Christmas ones that my husband would like left up until spring, I think I made it to Valentines Day one year -NOT KIDDING).  My point is...these spooky, scarey decorations get left up right until time for the Christmas ones to go up.  Where did Thanksgiving go?  Have you noticed in the stores we skip right from swim suits to Halloween to Christmas?  No Thanksgiving, unless you count a few paper mache pumpkins and silk maple leaves.  

So, in honor of Thanksgiving, here's a little round's more than turkey!!!!!

A wreath made of natural things....go scrounge in your yard or take a walk in the country and pick up stuff.  Lots more great Thanksgiving ideas here.

Love this!!!! Find more great suggestions on this web site.

Something to think about........... I found that on a blog called

And who can think of Thanksgiving without thinking of this?  For more Thanksgiving thoughts check out this blog.

And this........yum !!  If you're into frugal living then check this out.  (btw, my turkey never looks like this)

The BHG never fails if you're looking for decorating ideas!  I love these wreaths. So pretty!

Personally, I would love to skip over Halloween and go right to Thanksgiving.  What does your family do for Thanksgiving?  We get as many of us as possible together for the day and have the traditional turkey with all the fixin's meal.  My daughter makes the pies because she makes the best pie crust ever!  For those of us who can't be together, there's always a few phone calls. At some point around that time many of us pile into cars and meet up at my parents house.  Thanksgiving Day also marks a very important day in our house..... it's the official, Mom approved, first day of Christmas music!  We listen to it as we cook, as we drive.......all other cd's are tucked away, the record player is dusted off and the LP's come out of hiding.  And....the cheesey Christmas movies!! Can't wait!!
It's coming!!! Yea! 
But first, let's remember to be thankful, for the good and the bad (wow, that's hard).  "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."  Romans 8:28 NIV

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  1. Mom, I loved this. It made me miss home, and you're right, Sister does make the BEST pies. :) I hate Halloween, and would be cool if we skipped right over it and focused on Thanksgiving instead, but then the stores wouldn't make all that money on creepy stuff and costumes, so it's not likely. LOL


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