Friday, September 02, 2011

A bit of this....a bit of that.....

So.....I don't have a book review ready , no contest, no insightful ponderings. I'm just going to show you what I've been up to lately.

We had some cooler days last week so I spent some time on my front porch watching these little beauties:

See him there on the phone line?
As far as I can tell, I have four regular feeders (?), feedees(?), feedists (?). Anyway, there are four that come and eat. One is a bully and doesn't like it when the others are there. If he weren't so cute, I'd get mad at him.

I've also made a new hat pattern and posted the hat in my Etsy shop.
Now your little 'punkin' can look like a little pumpkin!

And, because I apparently had nothing better to do.......
I made something from these:
This is what I came up with.................

TA DA!!!!!!  My first, and probably last attempt at garden art:

And remenber when I showed you my front yard garden earlier?
Well, I told you then that the green and white ground cover would all come back, and boy did it!  Along with a bunch of other stuff, like clover and crabgrass.  So here's what it looks like today...
Note to not plant trailing nasturtium next year. I thought they would just crawl around and blossom throughout, but there were/are very few blossoms and lots of long, leggy stems.  Also, I'm gonna have to transplant alot of those hostas.  And can you even see my cute little shrubs in all that foliage?  Trust me, they're there.
Now, I just have decide how I'm going to decorate that area for Christmas
since I don't have the humongous bush there.
Any ideas?

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  1. Well that is a lot of stuff you had going on, the birds are cute (I was feeing them till I got mice in my backyard of my condo so I had to remove it)
    I miss seeing them, I love the pumpkin hat that is so cute, and I like the garden art!

    Have a great weekend

  2. Looks great, mom! You're so creative! I never would have thought of that!


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