Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm old.....

Ok. Who, besides me, remembers a world without hair "product"?  When did it become fashionable to slather your hair with gunk and goo and consider it style?  Some of us are old enough to remember when squeaky clean hair was a good thing.  Well, today I was "in style".  It was one of those days when I really wanted to get some shopping done but didn't want to wait the hour and a half it takes me to sufficiently fix my hair. (Wash, dry, style) (Sorry, I can hear all my children and their collective - eeuuuwww).  Tell me, in this day and age, when going green is the thing, what is greener - chemical laden gunk and goo, or natural product?  So, for today and any other day I choose, I'm opting for the use of natural hair product and cosidering myself very with it (does anyone say with it anymore?).  If anyone asks, I'm using a "product" called 'Hair Go Green' (wink,wink). Or maybe not....... it goes against everything my mother taught me.

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  1. I must admit that I went for "natural" hair today to work too. Got a little frizzy, but didn't stick to me by the end of the day and I got to sleep an extra 10 minutes. Amen.


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