Monday, October 26, 2009

New dishwasher - sort of

I've got a new/different dishwasher. Woo-hoo!  Now the question is, where do I put all the plastic microwave dishes that I've been storing in the old one for 3 years? And do I need them all?  My kids say 'no', but I say 'you never know'.  So for now, they're all over my kitchen, every flat service has some sort of plastic on it.  I think I'll just stay in the livingroom watching Gibbs and McGee and forget it's there.

And, because I haven't posted any photos in a few days, here are a few:

Keep checking back for news and pics.  Christmas at CrossRoads starts Nov. 6 ! I'll post pics of my shoppe all snazzed up for the holidays ! HO HO HO !

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