Saturday, October 17, 2009

Soccer team number 1 again !

My son's varsity soccer team is once again number one in their league.  If you check my previous posts from several years ago, you'll see we've been here before. Only this time, my son isn't a starting player.  This time he's the assistant coach.  Go Blue!!!  Congratulations to the coaches and players for not only great playing, skills, and strategy but for good sportsmanship.  We all like our children to do well and be a part of a successful team , regardless of what that team is, be it a sports team, a scholastic team, a musical competition, etc.  Winning feels great, but that euphoric feeling fades after a while, however, the lessons learned about cooperation and sportmanship and fair play last a lifetime. So to the players and coaches, savor the winning feeling, but be really proud of the fact that you won and didn't sacrifice your honor and integrity.  GO BLUE !!!!!

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